Music Education

Music education is one TWAI’s programs currently receiving the most attention.

Serving over 190 students since 2007, PianoDrumsGuitar – Unique Music Education has helped many students and parents  learn how to play and enjoy music!

PianoDrumsGuitar is determined to work each students learning style. Each instructor is sensitive to the music desires and interests of the student. PDG also takes the necessary time to make sure to include the important fundamentals of music theory. This helps each student know why and how music is what music is. PDG is committed to help each student reach their musical potential by helping establish achievable goals.

PianoDrumsGuitar Music Lessons Summer Recital 2013

PDG exists to provide a unique music education experience for all music lovers.

PianoDrumsGuitar provides a holistic approach to music education. The gift of music deserves to be explored and we believe rhythm to be the most vital ingredient of the musical experience. After all, rhythm is the heartbeat of music.

Next to rhythm, an intellectual understanding of music theory gives each student more ownership of their skill and craft. Theory is fun and helps bring more meaning to the language of music.

Improving technique and form are also very important developments in the success and enjoyment of a musician. Taking the time to make sure each student approaches their instrument in such a way as to get the most satisfaction and reward from their playing is important for maintaining a solid relational foundation with the instrument.

The mission of PianoDrumsGuitar is to create positive arts educational change in the community. This is achieved by providing a uniquely qualified music education program to music lovers. We like to help underemployed musicians grow in their experience by offering teaching opportunities. We are looking for ways to make music education available to low income and special needs situations.

Group lessons are a great way to build solid and strong social skills. The team dynamic is a crucial ingredient to the group lesson. Making decisions as a team helps instill a lifetime use of basic leadership qualities. Mentoring and coaching from experienced working musicians solidifies the importance of strong ethics, value, and character.

This is one of the core ingredients to our program. Direct instruction offers customization for the advanced development of each student. No two students are exactly identical and it takes a one to one ratio to maximize the music education experience.

We believe our musical talents are more so for others than they are for ourselves. It is important to our mission that we educate our students to do their best with what they have. Being excellent is simply doing the absolute best possible without beating yourself over the head if things go wrong. There will always be another opportunity. we like to remove the pressure and stressful weight of performance and have fun ans we change lives one musical step at a time.

PDG is a unique music education program of The Worship Arts Involvement, whose mission is to use positive mentoring relationships and expressive creative mediums to train, educate and promote the fine arts in the culture and communities of life.