Music Education Scholarship Fund for Studios

TWAI Single Parent Music Education Scholarship

The TWAI Single-Parent Music Education Scholarship is available to low income single-parents who feel their child or children has musical potential and want to help their child find [and improve] confidence, self esteem and self worth through music education partners who care, but lack the means to do so comfortably. Applicant parents and/or guardians are required to show at least document of proof of one of the following:

  • Health Assistance
  • State Assistance Housing
  • WIC check
  • Food Stamps
  • Government Funded Aid

WHAT: This scholarship provides one nine month needs-based scholarship per applicant. This means that a total of $300 will be granted to each selected applicant for the purpose of music education and development. Selected applicants will be featured on the TWAI and PDG websites. Selected applicants will also be expected to complete the following weekly schedule:

  • Practice at least 5 hours
  • Read required literature
  • Regularly email/post assignments and feedback
  • Selected applicants will also be expected to perform and raise support during the Annual Summer Scholarship Concert

WHERE: This scholarship is currently available at the following TWAI board approved music schools/studios: (1) PianoDrumsGuitar (2) Dr Music Academy

 Approved school/studios have met TWAI’s following criteria:

  • Printed Vision, Mission and Purpose Statements
  • Physical Business Location
  • State Registered Business Name
  • Tax Identification Number

*Each school/studio providing TWAI scholarships is required to keep track of student progress and make sure that students are prepared for the Annual Summer Scholarship Concert. In order to help propel the overall global mission of music education, Approved studios/schools are also responsible for other aspects of fundraising in order to be part a TWAI approved school  (selling tickets, hanging posters, etc).

*Selected Applicants will be featured on TWAI or PDG’s website as scholarship students and will be requested to make and send videos of pieces they are working on. Also, periodical motivational comments and advice from selected students are also requested (how important practice is. etc).